Healing, Health and Wellness
Shelby, North Carolina

Bio: Healing, Health and Wellness Center of Shelby is a health food store that sells super food, vitamins and conduct health and cooking classes. They are also proud to offer the finest Alkaline Ionized Water in the world today. Kangen Water® is the delicious, healthy water. “Kangen” means “return to origin” in Japanese OUR VISION Our vision is to serve and inspire our customers to build a better world by building a better “YOU”. OUR VALUES Providing quality natural and organic products To create a safe place for emotional healing Enthusiastic and courteous service Providing excellence in nutritional and holistic health information and education Honesty, integrity and ethics in all aspects of business OUR MISSION Our mission is to promote healing, health, and wholeness that contributes to one’s individual health and well-being through teaching about natural lifestyle and holistic health. Our goal is to create a safe place for healing where God can free you from emotional and physical pain. We strive to promote excellent customer service with trust, integrity and honesty. Location: 323 S. Washington Street Shelby, NC 28150 704-457-1001 Across from Don Gibson Theatre Time: Tuesday – Friday from 11am to 6pm Saturday from 11am to 2pm

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